Tra le sue opere più importanti, il grattacielo Pirelli di Milano, la casa di via Dezza con i suoi relativi arredi (come la sedia Superleggera) e infine le sue oniriche, poetiche ed eleganti ceramiche per Richard Ginori. Gio Ponti for Cassina, Mid-Century Modern set of 2 black and burgundy " Superleggera ", 1957. 5 000,00 € Bol à soupe vintage Gio Ponti pour Richard Ginori, 1937. Gio Ponti a retiré tous les éléments superflus pour réduire le poids au maximum avec seulement 1,7kg. Authentification de pièces signées. Stolen kallas Superleggera vilket på italienska betyder superlätt. イタリアを代表するモダン家具メーカーであるCassina社製、こちらも同国を代表すると言って差し支えない建築家、デザイナーGio Ponti (ジオ・ポンティ)によるデザインの“Superleggera”です。 De 1923 à 1930 il est le directeur artistique de Richard Ginori. Ils aboutissent en 1957 au modèle 699 Superleggera. Circ.325-1970. Le nom "Superleggera" n'est pas accidentel: il ne pèse que 1,7 kg et est levé avec le doigt. century. Their stable, lightweight construction and low price made them extremely popular. À partir de 855 euros, Cassina. Though trained as an architect, he made major contributions to the decorative arts, designing in such disparate materials as ceramics, glass, wood and metal. He was also a designer and essayist and one of the most important of the twentieth century. Ponti took this traditional form and, working in close collaboration with Cassina's master craftsmen, honed it to its bare essentials. Gio Ponti, Prototype ‘Mariposa’ sofa, designed for the XI Milan Triennale, c. 1957. Nato a Milano il 18 novembre 1891, Gio Ponti è oggi considerato uno dei maestri dell’architettura e del design italiano. Superleggera, designed by Gio Ponti, made by Cassina, Italian 1965. The 1950s were an extremely productive decade for Gio Ponti. Ensemble de quatre chaises Superleggera 699 conçues par Gio Ponti pour Cassina. Dec 10, 2013 - Gio Ponti, Superleggera Chair, 1957–ongoing, ashwood, black lacquer and India cane, Cassina Première brocante en ligne. Chaises Superleggera de Gio Ponti, editées chez Cassina. GIO PONTI(ジオ・ポンティ) Size [籐張タイプ] W405 × D450 × H830( SH455) ¥280,000〜 [カバリングタイプ] W405 × D450 × H830( SH465) ¥166,000~ 【受注輸入】カバリングタイプ用座交換用カバー ¥34,000~ Materials Au début des années 50, c’est avec l’éditeur Cesare Cassina que Ponti commence à collaborer. Riprodotta ininterrottamente dal 1957, la Superleggera rappresenta una sintesi esclusiva tra la ricerca di Gio Ponti e la sperimentazione avanzata di Cassina, divenendo icona indiscussa di modernità e raffinatezza artigianale. Giovanni "Gio" Ponti (18 November 1891 – 16 September 1979) was an Italian architect, industrial designer, furniture designer, artist, teacher, writer and publisher. November 1891 in Mailand; 16.,1236339.asp Promos . In his first drawings from 1949, he altered the basic form of the Chiavari chair with an ergonomic bend in the backrest and tapered the legs toward the bottom. Il nome ne sottolinea il tratto distintivo: pesa appena 1,7 kg e si solleva con un dito. 3 / 10. Their stable, lightweight construction and low price made them extremely popular. Info source:, Info source: Chair ""superleggera"", ashwood frame, natural or lacquer finish in the following colours: black or white The Superleggera is one of the icons of post-war Italian design and is the most well known example of furniture design by the leading Italian architect Gio Ponti, largely due to its lightness in both aesthetic and real terms. Stolens ram tillverkas i ask och kommer i tre utföranden. Italian furniture manufacturing giant Cassina, originally named Amedeo Cassina, was founded by brothers Cesare (1909-1979) and Umberto (1910-1992) Cassina in Meda, Italy in 1927. View Rare dressing table and 'Superleggera' side chair, model no. Architecte, designer et artiste, Gio Ponti (Milan 1891-1979) a obtenu sa licence à Milan en 1921 et s’associe au début avec Emilio Lancia et Mino Fiocchi, de 1927 à 1933. Superleggera - Giò Ponti - Cassina. Learn more about the piece and artist, and its final selling price Inspirée du mobilier traditionnel de Chiavaria, le village d'origine de Ponti, cette chaise lui a valu le Compasso d'Oro en 1957. Créée en 1957. Ces chaises sont conçues en 1957 par le célèbre designer Gio Ponti et réalisées en 1985 par Cassina. Réponse en 4h 34 000 € Vintage Fabric 3-Seat Semicircular Sofa by Gio Ponti, 1950s. While the frame exploits the inherent lightness and flexibility of ashwood, the seat surround is in beech, which is more close-grained and stronger. Välj mellan naturlig ask, eller svartbetsad alternativt vitbetsad ask. Ensemble de 4 chaises Superleggera vintage par Gio Ponti pour Cassina, 1960-80s. À chiner Chaise Superleggera par Gio Ponti pour Cassina sur Selency. A lei si sono ispirate, per esempio, Laleggera di Riccardo Blumer (Alias, 1996), che pesa poco di più (2,3 kg), ma è impilabile, e la Superlight disegnata da Frank Gehry (Emeco, 2004), in alluminio. Chaise Superleggera de Gio Ponti: Date: 28 octobre 2008: Source: Photographie personnelle: Auteur: Cyril5555: Autorisation (Réutilisation de ce fichier) voir ci-dessous: Date: 28 octobre 2008 (date de téléversement originale) Source: Transféré de à Commons par Bloody-libu utilisant CommonsHelper. 699, designed for the XI Milan Triennale by Gio Ponti sold at Design on London Auction 12 November 2020. Cassina is often credited with introducing industrial design to Italy and has built an international reputation for collaborating with some of the world’s most respected designers. In 1928, Ponti started Domus, an architecture and design magazine with a mission to energize Italian architecture, interior design, and decorative arts. Chaise "699 Superleggera" de Gio Ponti - Chaise "699 Superleggera" en frêne et canne d'Inde, tissu ou cuir, L 45 x P 41 x H 83 cm, 1,7 kg. Sélection garantie. Chaise cassina Modèle Original leggera Design gio ponti Du 1949 - superleggera. Image source: 699 Superleggera Chairs by Gio Ponti for Cassina, 1957, Set of 6. Gio Ponti. Superleggera demonstrates the constructive prowess of the MedaMade craftsmen: the challenge they faced, of making an extra-light chair, was overcome with the Superleggera’s legs having a cross-section of just eighteen millimetres, the whole weighing a mere 1,700 grams! Labels and date ‘Superleggera’ chair 1965 Gio Ponti (1891–1979) Italy Manufactured 1965 by Cassina, Milan Ash, with original varnish Seat: cane (2/2 twill weave rattan), with original varnish Museum no. Although the model met with great success among consumers, Ponti strove for even greater perfection and designed the “Superleggera” for Cassina in 1957, using light, stable ash wood and a seat that was either upholstered or covered with a weave of cane or colored cellophane. Image source: La sedia " Superleggera ", disegnata da Ponti nel 1955 per Cassina Gio Ponti si laureò in architettura presso l'allora Regio Istituto Tecnico Superiore (il futuro Politecnico di Milano) nel 1921, dopo aver sospeso gli studi durante la sua partecipazione alla prima guerra mondiale. Gio Ponti ジオ・ポンティ 1891-1979 イタリアの建築家、デザイナー 1891年イタリア、ミラノに生まれる。1923年ミラノ工科大学卒業後、1930年まで陶磁器メーカー・リチャード・ジノリ社でアートディレクターを務めます。その後、自身の建築事務所を設立し公共施設の設計などを手掛けます。 852,44 EUR. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide. 700,00 € 790,00 € Fauteuil design MOLTENI & C "D 156-3", Gio Ponti. It was created by the architect/designer/editor Gio Ponti and, since it weighed a mere 1.7kg, it was given the name Superleggera, meaning super lightweight. He designed a considerable number of decorative art and design objects as well as furniture. He then designed the “Leggera” for Cassina in 1951, which reduced the structure of the Chiavari chair to only what was absolutely necessary. Original Early Gio Ponti Superleggera Chair 1957 Cassina. Pour en savoir plus sur Gio Ponti, parcourez ses œuvres dans les galeries, ses lots mis aux enchères, son actualité et bien plus encore. Gio Ponti 699 Superleggera Chair von Cassina > Gio Pontis berühmten Klassiker mit nur 1,7 kg Gewicht bei Markanto online kaufen > Versandkostenfrei in DE,AT,CH Jetzt informieren! Achat immédiat. Acheter. Salvato da Anna Baravalle. Giovanni “Gio” Ponti, (Milan, November 18, 1891 – Milan, September 16, 1979), is one of the Italian masters of architecture. The Superleggera is available both in the classic version or with coloured legs, as well as with a padded seat. Cette exposition est la première rétrospective consacrée au maître de l'architecture italienne en France. Authentification de pièces signées. Although initially specialized in bespoke woodworking and high-end interiors, by the 1950s the brothers took the company in a new direction, anticipating the growing demand for mass-produced home furnishings. À chiner Chaise Supperleggera, Gio Ponti, 1955 sur Selency. Image source: Gio Ponti Founds Domus Magazine, A Platform For The Emerging Italian Modernist Design. This is demonstrated in his three Milanese houses which were fully furnished in the “Ponti” style. Provenance : Italie. La chaise Superleggera de Gio Ponti se distingue par sa touche à la fois rustique et moderne. Où Trouver . Gio Ponti(1891-1979)是20世纪最具影响力的设计师之一,同时也是建筑师、编辑、画家、诗人,在意大利发展现代建筑和现代工业设计方面声名显赫,曾为120家公司工作。一战期间从军的Ponti在战后回归学习并于1921年… The wood parts are created by machine, and hand-finished, glue being applied with a brush, the excess being wiped off, and the seat being hand-woven. Image source:, Info source:, Image source:, Info source: Acheter . Retrouvez les œuvres d’art en vente et toutes les informations sur Gio Ponti (italien, 1891-1979). It was very similar to the “Superleggera,” but with rods for legs and struts in the backrest. Ponti took this traditional form and, working in close collaboration with Cassina’s master craftsmen, honed it to its bare essentials. En savoir plus . Estimate £70,000 - 90,000. From Gio Ponti’s house, located in via Dezza in Milan, the small table D.555.1, designed in 1954-1955, is produced by Molteni&C based on the original drawings from the ponti archives. Cassina 699 Superleggera Stuhl / 699 8 340 € Mid-Century Modern Green and Gold Ceramic Vase in the Manner of Gio Ponti. 699 Superleggera, design di Gio Ponti per Cassina, 1957. Gio Ponti var en italiensk designer och arkitekt, född år 1891 i Milano, Italien. Gio Ponti Musée des Arts Décoratifs Du 19 octobre 2018 au 10 février 2019. Ponti himself describes the chair as the “normal,” “true” chair, the “chair-chair devoid of adjectives.”. 699 Superleggera chair by Gio Ponti for Cassina. Cassina. Dans la même année, il épousa Giulia Vimercati noble, ancienne famille Brianzola, avec qui il a eu quatre enfants (Lisa, Giovanna, Letizia et Giulio). The design of the Superleggera (the Italian term for 'super-lightweight') chair was inspired by the traditional vernacular chairs produced in the Ligurian town of Chiavari. It represents a symbol of perfection and balance between solidity and lightness, with a triangular section of just 18 millimetres and a minimum weight of 1,700 grams. Info source: Design Gio Ponti Ponti utbildade sig vid Milanos Polytekniska Universitet år 1920 och öppnade sju år senare designstudio tillsammans med Emilio Lancia och Mino Fiocchi. The chair bounced and did not break and Ponti considered himself satisfied. 3 objets trouvés disponibles auprès de vendeurs eBay internationaux . Den superlätta stolen 699 Superleggera från Cassina är formgiven av Gió Ponti och sattes i produktion år 1957. 350 € Vintage Italian 516 Armchairs by Gio Ponti, 1969, Set of 2. Gio Ponti est diplômé en architecture à l'époque Régio Tecnico Superiore Istituto en 1921, après avoir arrêté ses études au cours de sa participation au Première Guerre mondiale. Gio Ponti Giulio Cappellini Hella Jongerius Industrial Facility Issei Miyake Jasper Morrison Javier Mariscal Jin Kuramoto Kazuhide Takahama Konstantin Grcic Le … Les pieds de l’assise à section triangulaire, très fins, illustrent le goût permanent de Gio Ponti pour l’expérimentation, et sa recherche d’un équilibre entre légèreté et pesanteur. Leur objectif est de créer une chaise économique, résistante et légère compatible avec la production en série – tout en restant dans la lignée du mobilier rustique italien. Please note, the content you want is not available for your country. Ponti initially borrowed the concept for “Superleggera” (super-lightweight) from a series of simple, traditional chairs that have been produced since the nineteenth century in a plant near the Ligurian fishing village of Chiavari. Gio Ponti l'a décrite comme une chaise normale, légère, mince et pratique: caractéristiques que devrait posséder tout objet d'usage courant. Superleggera è una sedia progettata dal designer italiano Gio Ponti nel 1955 e prodotta dall' azienda italiana Cassina dal 1957. A highlight of Cassina’s catalogue since 1957, the Superleggera represents the perfect outcome between the creative imagination of the architect Gio Ponti, and Cassina’s manufacturing excellence, an undisputed icon that is both of-the-moment and pays tribute to traditional artisanal skills. Du 19 octobre 2018 au 10 février 2019 - Musée des Arts décoratifs // Un art total à l'italienne.