The less-pricey brands tend to taste overly sweet with a harsh bite. Photography is restricted in many areas to protect the production process from being copied. [5] Despite the orange bottle, Cointreau is colourless. 3/4 ounce Cointreau (or another orange-flavored liqueur, see … Created in the 19th century by Dutch settlers on the island of the same name, Curaçao is now both a brand and category name. It is known to be more dry than sweet, leading some to believe its name comes from the words “Triple Dry”. Triple sec, another popular orange liqueur, is considered a Curaçao style liqueur. Combier and Cointreau both claim to be the world’s first triple sec producer. Their first success was with the cherry liqueur guignolet, but they also found success when they blended sweet and bitter orange peels and pure alcohol from sugar beets. That happens all the time with alcoholic beverages. [citation needed], In the 1980s, Avirex, now Cockpit USA, issued an A-2 limited-edition leather flight jacket featuring Cointreau Original Margarita nose art on the back of the jacket. The French brand has been a high roller since it’s creation in 1875. Triple sec, a liqueur made from the skins of oranges, ranges in alcohol content from 15% to 30%, depending on the brand. Most cocktailers prefer to steer clear of modern-day, artificial Curaçaos in orange, blue, and green hues. Is the difference between Curaçao Liqueur and Triple Sec marketing driven? Sec means "dry" in French and triple sec is often thought to mean "triple dry," though it can refer to a triple-distilled liqueur.There's also a claim that the name refers to the third attempt at Cointreau's recipe (the one still in use). Cointreau is the crystal-clear orange liqueur essential for any home bar. Cointreau is one of the best-known brands of the triple sec style of orange liqueur. There are many recipes of drinks such as Sangria where Triple sec can be substituted by the more classic and superior taste of … Triple sec liqueurs tend to be more powerfully zesty orange in flavour than the relatively subtle Dutch orange curaçaos. It first appeared in 1880, and was originally called “Curaçao Marnier,” in reference to its high quantity of brandy. The variety of oranges used in Cointreau are one key difference, although both triple sec and Cointreau use a combination of sweet and bitter oranges to make their liqueur. Because of its high production value, Cointreau can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, as well as mixed in a sidecar or a Singapore sling. You opened it, made a few drinks, and pretty much forgot about it. In many popular drinks like Gold Margaritas, Cointreau is a better substitute over Triple Sec. In modern parlance, triple sec is often used as a generic term for any orange liqueur, and sometimes denotes a low-grade knock-off. Some attribute it to being a translation of the words “triple dry.” Others say it is a reference to triple distillation (which doesn’t actually occur in its preparation). Cointreau (UK: /ˈkwɒntroʊ, ˈkwɑːn-/, US: /kwɑːnˈtroʊ, kwæ̃ˈ-/,[1][2][3] French: [kwɛ̃tʁo]) is an orange-flavoured triple sec liqueur produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France. It is consumed as an apéritif and digestif,[4] and is a component of several well-known cocktails. Curaçao is generally agreed to be the original orange liqueur. Nose: Subtle orange, alcohol. Cointreau vs Triple SEC • Cointreau is a brand while Triple SEC is the generic name of the orange flavored liquor that is made after distillation of peel of sweet and bitter oranges. Despite the orange bottle, Cointreau is colourless. It was originally called Curaçao Blanco Triple Sec. It is regarded by some to be a category of liqueur of its own. Cointreau is a name well known to bartenders and cocktail connoisseurs alike. But if you have another orange liqueur, feel free to use that. Cointreau & Cie SA was family-owned until 1990, when it merged with Rémy Martin to form Rémy Cointreau, now a publicly traded company. Indeed Cointreau was originally named 'Curaçao Triple Sec Cointreau'. High-quality triple secs, meanwhile, can be consumed neat or as part of a cocktail. Not as balanced as Cointreau, skewing more toward sweetness. Explore our variety of Cointreau triple sec cocktail recipes . However, Jean Baptiste Combier also claims to have invented the term Triple Sec (triple distilled). Combier contendsthat founder Jean-Baptiste Combier created “the world’s first tripe sec” in 1834 by trip… So you’ve got that bottle of Cointreau triple sec sitting in the liquor cabinet for some time now. Extremelye aromatic thanks to a complex blend of orange peel essences, with … France- Cointreau is the crystal-clear orange liqueur essential for any home bar. • Cointreau is much expensive than Triple SEC. • Cointreau is made in France, whereas Triple SEC may be made anywhere in the Caribbean and also in other South American countries. Triple Sec: Triple sec is the French answer to Dutch curaçao. The very best lemon drop martini recipe has Cointreau, not triple sec. Commonly used as a term for any orange liqueur in a recipe, triple sec … As a main player in the orange-flavoured liqueur category, Cointreau is everywhere. The first bottles of Cointreau were sold in 1875. Cointreau (since 1875) claims to have invented the name Triple Sec, based on the 3 different types of oranges they use. Another difference between the two is the alcohol content. They range in strength from 15 to 40 percent ABV. Here’s a breakdown of the different styles of orange liqueur, and commonly used popular brands. They both help add flavor and sweetness to cocktails. Cointreau is an orange-flavoured triple sec liqueur produced in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France. Triple sec may be consumed neat as a digestif, or on the rocks. Like Cointreau, Grand Marnier measures 40 percent ABV, and can be enjoyed neat or in mixed drinks. Style: Triple sec, 80 proof Country of origin: France Color: Clear. Since Cointreau uses both sweet and bitter oranges, it’s considered to be in the “triple sec” style. Cointreau, among the best-known brands of orange liqueur, is a triple sec in style, even though it’s not labeled as such. Cointreau vs triple sec. Der beliebte Triple Sec von Cointreau hat einen deutlichen Zitronengeruch, auch im Geschmack kommt neben Orange etwas Zitrone durch. Triple sec and Cointreau are both orange liquors, which are made from a distilled orange peel. It’s succulent neat, on the rocks or in cocktails. Unlke Cointreau, Grand Marnier is made with cognac and bitter oranges. It would be quicker to list cocktails that don't contain orange liqueur than to list the ones that do. Made with tropical oranges that were planted by the Spanish, quality Curaçaos are typically sweeter than other orange liqueurs. | VinePair,, wbs_cat Spirit, wbs_type Curaçao, wbs_type Triple Sec, wbs_brand BOLS, wbs_brand Cointreau, wbs_brand Combier, wbs_brand Grand Marnier, wbs_brand Pierre Ferrand, Curaçao, explainer, Grand Marnier, orange liqueur, Triple Sec, How to Celebrate the Holidays in Style With Mionetto Prosecco | VinePair,, wbs_cat Wine, wbs_type Prosecco, wbs_brand Mionetto, holidays, Infographics, prosecco, wine pairing. Cointreau, a proprietary … (Realizing the color of the cocktail may vary.) Cointreau has a crisp, smooth, orange flavor. While many of the French producers of orange liqueur in the 19thcentury initially marketed their products as curaçao, a new term began to appear on labels: “triple sec.” Both Combier and Cointreau credit themselves for the invention of the category, which means “triple dry” in French. As the popularity of the category grew throughout the 19th century, cheap imitations appeared, often including extra sugar to mask poor flavor. Cointreau is a premium triple sec orange-flavored liqueur. They taste, in a word, cheap. 1 1/2 ounces gin. Grand Marnie. Certain brand names are synonymous with different styles, and origin stories are hazy. Cointreau has a orange perfume flavor that’s well balanced between bitter and sweet, but Triple Sec can have a more harsh flavor. From timeless classics to original creations, learn how to make the perfect Cointreau drink. Triple Sec uses oranges from the Caribbean. It was originally called Curaçao Blanco Triple Sec. However, Triple sec is used overtly because of its low price over Cointreau. In early 2008, burlesque entertainer Dita Von Teese became the new face of Cointreau's "Be Cointreauversial" advertising and marketing campaign,[10] a campaign created in 2003[11] by the New York advertising agency KraftWorks.[12]. Grand Marnier, the other heavyweight in the category, is in the slightly sweeter curaçao camp. Triple sec is a Caribbean drink, and as a result, it uses oranges from the Caribbean in its triple distillation process. A brand of triple sec from Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, France. Its high-quality production means that it can be drunk neat, over ice, or in cocktails. Triple sec is an ingredient in a broad array of mixed drinks, and it is also sometimes used in cooking to flavor various foods. Ninety percent of production is exported. © 2014 - 2020 VinePair Inc. — Made In NYC, Next Round Live: What's Happening in the Drinks Industry Now, 10 Things You Should Know About Shiner Beer, How to Get the Most Out of Your Visit to Stone Brewing, What’s the Difference Between Cointreau, Grand Marnier, and Triple Sec? It's impossible to have a well-stocked bar without orange liqueur, also known as curaçao or triple sec. According to Cointreau, their liqueur has “the highest amount of essential oils and the lowest amount of added sugar”. Triple sec, originally Curaçao triple sec, is a type of strong, sweet and colorless orange-flavored liqueur.It is a variety of Curaçao liqueur, an orange-flavored liqueur made from the dried peels of bitter and sweet oranges. Triple sec was first introduced in France as Curaçao triple sec, but that's about the only part of the liqueur's history that is agreed upon. "Sec" is the French word for dry. Cointreau is one of the best-known brands of the triple sec style of orange liqueur. It’s now selling more than 13 millions bottles each year in more than 150 countries. [8][9] When mixed with water, Cointreau exhibits the Ouzo effect. Triple Sec. The liqueur is traditionally rum-based, but modern iterations are also made with distilled grain spirits. Triple sec-soaked cakes, for example, are a not uncommon sight during the holidays in some regions of the world. Overall impression: Combier is a recent arrival in the United States, and it's marketed as a slightly less-expensive Cointreau replacement. Grand Marnier is classified as a Curaçao/triple sec hybrid, made from a mix of Cognac, distilled bitter orange essence, and sugar. This liqueur is usually viewed as a premium triple sec, and it may be sipped as a standalone beverage or blended into mixed drinks. They are understated workhorses, providing fruit flavors, complexity, and occasionally sweetness. Triple Sec . A 750 mL bottle of triple sec can be purchased for around $9.99. Discover our range of spirits and our cocktail recipes made with Cointreau triple sec. They are thought to be the same and have several similarities, but they are not the same product. Bols make a very nice triple sec that does not have the artificial taste of most of the American brands. Cointreau Distillery was set up in 1849 by Adolphe Cointreau, a confectioner, and his brother Edouard-Jean Cointreau. Bols claims to be the first company to produce Curaçao; today, companies such as Pierre Ferrand also offer versions. In this episode you'll learn all about the main orange liqueurs in most bars: triple sec, orange curaçao, cointreau, and grand marnier. Cointreau is a brand name and uses oranges from around the world, including Brazil and Spain. It is not typically aged. Now the question “does triple sec go bad” popped off in your head and you’re searching for the answer. The official IBA recipes for both the margarita and the cosmopolitan include Cointreau. It was originally called Cointreau Triple Sec, but as time passed, the name was shortened to simply Cointreau to separate the brand from other companies. The category is confusing, though. Of the various orange liqueurs, triple sec tends to be the cheapest cost-wise. [citation needed], In addition to being consumed neat (or often on ice), Cointreau is used in many popular cocktails. Or it could be a reference to the third evolution of French brand Cointreau’s recipe. It even says on the bottle that it is made from Valencia Oranges, Curacao Oranges, and Lemons. Orange liqueurs are vital to any well-stocked bar. The drink was first released in 1875, and is made using a mix of sweet and bitter orange peels and sugar beet alcohol. They have the same basic ingredient being made from dried orange peel. Some of the major brands are include Cointreau and Grand Mariner (a blend of triple sec and cognac). Außerdem unterscheidet er sich durch eine bittere Süße im Nachklang von der Konkurrenz. It is consumed as an apéritif and digestif, and is a component of several well-known cocktails. This full-strength, 80-proof spirit has the versatility to mix with any type of liquor to craft a more elevated cocktail. Triple sec represents the other style of orange liqueur and Cointreau is considered to be in this style. But we’ll leave that battle to them. And both brands offer a different explanation for the name. The etymology of the term "triple sec" is unclear. Many bars stock Cointreau, and it is also available through liquor stores in many regions. Cointreau, often used to make Cosmopolitans, is a type of triple sec. Top-shelf brands like Grand Marnier and Cointreau … Using Cointreau, a clear triple sec, is the orange-flavored liqueur of choice to keep the cocktail white. "Remy Martin and Cointreau Plan to Merge",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 December 2020, at 14:18. A drier style of orange liqueur, triple sec hails from France, but the origin of the drink’s name beyond that is disputed. They appear in classic cocktails like the Margarita and Sidecar, not to mention Long Island Iced Teas and Cosmopolitans. Cointreau is a form of triple sec produced by the Rémy Cointreau distillery in France. It is at the heart of more than 350 of the world’s most celebrated cocktails including The Original Margarita, The Cosmopolitan, and The Sidecar. Both Cointreau (pronounced kwahn-troh) and Combier have claimed to be the first triple sec. The line dividing triple sec and curaçao is shaky, to say the least. When mixed, the crystalline liqueur becomes opalescent, a testament to the high concentration of orange essence. Cointreau's amber bottle conceals a perfectly transparent liqueur. Origins. Er ist meiner Meinung nach nicht ganz so ausgewogen wie der Grand Marnier, aber es handelt sich immer noch um einen sehr guten Triple Sec. Triple secs are also more one-dimensional in flavour whereas curaçaos usually have additional herbs and spices, particularly coriander. It is used in classic French desserts, such as crêpes suzette and bûche de Noël (Yule log). Triple sec refers more to the type of orange liqueur rather than the name of the brand. Cointreau is probably the most recognized brand of orange liqueur in the triple sec style, and Grand Marnier, despite being French, is more in line with the Dutch curacao style as it has an aged brandy base. A side-by-side comparison of homemade orange liqueur with a bottom-shelf triple sec is no contest—DIY wins it by a mile. It is $7 for 1.0 Liter which is less than a third of the price of GM or Cointreau. It is at the heart of more than 350 of the world's most celebrated cocktails including The … The colorless liqueur measures 40 percent ABV, or 80 proof. [6][7], The production methods and recipe are a family secret, but tours of the facility are open to the public. In the triple sec category, Combier and Patron Citronge are both good but are second choices next to Cointreau. Cointreau is an orange liqueur that originates in France, and remains one of the most common brands of triple sec. This led to the spirit becoming more closely associated with sweetness rather than orange flavor. Triple Sec and Cointreau are orange flavored liqueurs. Similar to Cointreau, triple sec is colorless and is made from the peels of both bitter and sweet oranges. An estimated 13 million bottles are sold each year, in more than 150 countries. Palate: Semi-dry, bitter orange, not much spice.

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